New Business Offers Shopping Assistance

Shop Villa Me owner Aria Villareal. Photo by Kirsten Laskey/


Los Alamos Daily Post

Shopping online is attractive because of its convenience but sometimes the sheer volume of online stores and the infinite choices of where to spend your money on the world wide web can feel more overwhelming than convenient.

Aria Villareal’s new business, Shop Villa Me, can help. Villareal offers her services as a virtual shopper and researcher.

“Basically I provide consulting and purchasing services,” she said.

Her services fit into four categories: shopping for goods and services, shopping for high ticket items, booking travel arrangements and conducting research.

“It can get really overwhelming, especially for people who aren’t tech savvy or not not comfortable with purchasing online,” Villareal said.

She added she also has access to the best consumer reports so people are sure to get the best deals and the best quality. Although this is Villareal’s first business venture, she brings experience to the table. She explained she worked as a personal consultant with Perfectly Posh, which she said is similar to Avon.

She decided to transition into her own business for the freedom and to have the ability to be creative with services.

Also, “I really enjoy comparing things and looking for the best deals,” Villareal said.

If interested in contacting Villareal for her services, visit or visit her Facebook page, Villareal can also be reached at 505.709.7242 or at