New Business Aids Senior Citizens With Estate Property And Move Management Services

Golden Estate Services owner Elayne Anderson discusses her new partnership with Zia Realty Group during an interview recently at the Zia Realty Group offices on the 2nd floor of the New Mexico Bank & Trust Building in downtown Los Alamos. Photo by CarolA.Clark/
Los Alamos Daily Post

Golden Estate Services has opened for business in Los Alamos. The company provides seniors, families, personal representatives, executors and trustees with complete estate property and move management services.

Owner Elayne Anderson, a historic preservation architect who became a realtor during the 2007-08 recession, has partnered with Zia Realty Group to expand the services available to area residents.

She specializes in aiding older residents as well as relatives of deceased residents through the process of preparing the property for sale, disposing of excess items in the case of hoarder situations and more.

“My husband is a general contractor and together we started Golden Estate Services,” Anderson said. “We started working in Colorado with a real estate attorney because older homeowners were needing help with preparing and selling not only their homes, but cars and other large items.”

She has a computer home assessment program that helps determine whether the homeowner should put money into updating the home or if it’s more cost effective to prepare it for sale.

Golden Estate Services Provides:

  • Property Consultation;
  • Property Assessment and Valuation;
  • Assessment of Property Condition;
  • Comparable Market Analysis;
  • Property Repair;
  • Property Clean Out;
  • Vacant Property Monitoring;
  • Property Staging; and
  • Property Estate Sales.  

 “We also provide the service of preparing and selling properties that have been vacant for several years, estate sales and home clean-outs for hoarder cases,” Henderson said.

Golden Estate Services joined Zia Realty Group Jan. 3, and Owner/Broker James Chrobocinski said he felt it was a perfect fit and is happy to help Golden Estate Services get started.

“I’m very excited to have Elayne with us here at Zia Realty Group … It’s a great partnership between our sales and the additional services we can now offer our clients through Golden Estate,” Chrobocinski said. “It is very important to handle people’s belongings with care and respect and those individuals looking to downsize will benefit greatly from Elayne’s expertise in this field.”

Anderson is a certified senior advisor, which is a national designation for people trained to provide these types of services to seniors. With her certification, she has access to a national service referral system.

She explained that people are very concerned with where their belongings will end up. There is a lot of intellectual property in Los Alamos she said that her company makes sure that it goes to the correct repository and approves those decisions with family members.  

Anderson grew up in Albuquerque and said that many of her friends worked at Sandia Labs so she was very aware of Los Alamos.

“Colorado is becoming a mecca for millennials and it didn’t help that they passed the marijuana law … so to move here and work with elderly people who are so smart is just wonderful,” she said, adding, “People here are so friendly, and they look you in the eye.”

Contact Anderson at 303.880.1939 or visit