New Association Amplifies Bradbury’s Mission

The Bradbury Science Museum Association operates separately from the Bradbury Science Museum and the two maintain a close working relationship. In fact, Museum Director Linda Deck sits on the BSMA Board of Directors, along with 12 other volunteer members. Courtesy photo

The Bradbury Science Museum Association Board of Directors, standing from left, Ann Parsons, Judith McKenzie, Ryn Herrmann, Carol A. Clark, Ed Fenimore, Heidi Hahn. Sitting from left, KayLinda Crawford, Andre Trottier, Linda Deck and Carol Hermes. Not pictured, Kathy Boerigter, JoAnn Lysne and Shannon CdeBaca. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/

LANL Community Partnerships Office News:

  • Science Museum to Receive Gift Shop, Volunteer Opportunities, Donations and More

If you’ve ever wondered why the Bradbury Science Museum doesn’t have a gift shop, you’re not alone. “There is huge demand for a gift shop in the museum,” says Ryn Herrmann, vice-president of the Bradbury Science Museum Association (BSMA). “But because the museum is a Lab facility, managed by the Department of Energy, it’s not allowed to offer things you might find at other museums, such as a store.”

That’s where the newly formed BSMA comes in—to serve as the Bradbury’s nonprofit partner and fill the opportunities that the museum cannot legally fill itself. “A nonprofit organization that represents the Los Alamos and BSM mission has been needed for a long time to carry forth the functions and services that are needed and expected,” explains BSMA President Andre Trottier, noting that the BSMA operates on an “institutional agreement” with the Laboratory. “In addition to opening a gift shop, the BSMA also plans to provide volunteer opportunities to expand museum outreach and build support for the museum mission through memberships and donations.” 

The association also will provide science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education programs and scientific literacy for people of all ages through workshops, field trips and special events. “The BSMA is not funded by the Lab, so the association must raise funds through memberships, donations, sponsorships, and proceeds from a museum store,” says BSMA Secretary KayLinda Crawford.

The store, called Gadgets, will be a moveable kiosk inside the museum and will likely open Saturday, Dec. 2, during Winterfest. In the meantime, interested parties can visit the BSMA’s website for information on how to become a member or donate.

On behalf of the BSM, the BSMA was created to provide functions and services that visitors might find at other museums. ‘BSMA is truly a partnership where the association works with the museum to accomplish what the museum cannot accomplish alone,’ says BSMA Secretary KayLinda Crawford. Courtesy/Los Alamos County

A visit to the Bradbury Science Museum can inspire students’ passions for working in STEM fields and help students gain an appreciation for the tremendous work happening every day at Los Alamos. Courtesy/Los Alamos County

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