Nevada Program Welcomes Assistant Secretary White

From left, EM Assistant Secretary Anne White talks with Bill Wilborn, Jhon Carilli and Christine Baker of the EM Nevada Program during an all-hands meeting. Courtesy photo
DOE News:
NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev. EM Assistant Secretary Anne White visited the EM Nevada Program this week for the first time as head of the cleanup program, touring facilities and meeting with staff.
White, who worked in Nevada as a contractor earlier in her career, began her visit with a tour of the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS). White learned about past and present missions, receiving information about historical locations that played a role in the development and testing of nuclear weapons and the sites of current EM missions.
The next day, White met with EM Nevada Program staff and explained her immediate and long-term priorities to ensure the EM mission is successful.
“It is always great when your site can have an executive level manager take time out of their busy schedule to share their thoughts and visions with staff on a more personal level,” EM Nevada Program Operations Manager Bill Wilborn said. “Having Anne come out to the field, take a site tour, and visit with EM staff provided time for formal and informal communication and adds an additional level to the sense of personal value staff have for the work they do.”
Sitting down for an all-hands meeting with EM Nevada Program staff, White shared her observations of the EM Nevada Program mission and what she learned during her visit to the NNSS. She also received input on improving work efficiencies.
-Contributor: Marc Klein
Field Note from Assistant Secretary White
Many thanks to Bill Wilborn, Rob Boehlecke, and the rest of the EM Nevada Program team for a wonderful tour and meeting in Nevada. My trip to Nevada took me both to the EM Nevada Program offices in North Las Vegas as well as out to the field at the Nevada National Security Site.
The week began with a stop at the badge office in North Las Vegas where Brenda Moore greeted us with a “Hello Sunshine!” and a big smile. What a great way to start my day! Thank you Brenda for having such a sunny disposition and positive attitude — it really brightened up our day.
Following our stop in the badge office, we set out for our journey to the NNSS — about 65 miles north of Las Vegas — where we learned about the different historical locations as well as current facilities and missions. The NNSS serves as a critical piece to the EM mission and is definitely a national asset.
The next day, I was back in North Las Vegas where I was able to sit down and meet the hard-working and dedicated EM Nevada Program staff. I always appreciate the opportunity to have these types of casual, open-forum conversations. It’s important to me that everyone feels comfortable and is willing to be open and honest about how we can improve as a department. Management Analyst Christine Baker offered a prime example of this type of casual conversation that I look for when she gave me a no-nonsense response when I asked her if a current business practice was working well. Thank you Christine for your candid feedback!
Overall, I had a wonderful trip to Nevada. Everyone, both at the NNSS and North Las Vegas, was so welcoming and committed to their roles in the overall EM mission. Earlier in my career, I lived and worked in Nevada and, even though I am not there anymore, it still had such a familiar and comfortable feel. Thank you for a great visit and I look forward to coming back.
-Anne Marie White
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