Natural Helpers Give Barranca School a Face Lift

Barranca Mesa Elementary School entrance before Natural Helpers worked their magic. Courtesy photo

Barranca Mesa Elementary School entrance after Natural Helpers worked their magic. Courtesy photo


A big part of Natural Helpers is providing support to peers but another important part is playing an active role in our school community.

This year’s Natural Helpers decided that the entrance of our school could be improved and decided to make it their big school project for the year. They wanted to show their commitment to making our school better and increase school pride/spirit. Once the Natural Helpers chose colors, they presented their idea to Mr. Parker, our school principal, for approval. Having received permission, they painted the school entrance this week. Before and after photos document the transformation made to the school’s entrance.  

We want to thank all of the support received from the school staff and Natural Helper parents as it was critical in making this project a success. Our dedicated parents are amazing so we want to thank Steve Laurent, Mark McClesky and Shawn McGrane for lending a hand painting. Heidi Schembri, Barranca Kindergarten teacher, also helped immensely with the completion of the painting. Audrey Juliani and I are extremely thankful for all the help and together we have created a school entrance that all fellow Bobcats can be proud of.

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