NanoDays at the Bradbury Science Museum Begin April 7

Bradbury Science Museum celebrates NanoDays beginning April 7. Courtesy/BSM


The tiny world of nanoscale science is a big subject at the Bradbury Science Museum as we celebrate NanoDays 2014, April 7-13.

At NanoDays, a range of exciting programs will demonstrate the special and unexpected properties found at the nanoscale, examine tools used by nanoscientists, showcase nano materials with spectacular promise, and invite discussions of technology. By combining hands-on activities with presentations on current research, this nationwide event features new and unique learning experiences for both children and adults.

At the nanoscale—the scale of atoms and molecules—many common materials exhibit unusual properties. Our ability to manipulate matter at this microscopic size enables innovations that were never before possible. Using these advancements, nanotechnology is revolutionizing how we research and develop medicine, computing, new materials, food, energy, and so many other things we rely on.

Visitors can experience these technologies first-hand by discovering how an inkjet printer works using capillary action, investigating new nano products and materials like Ferrofluid—a magnet that is also a fluid—and imagining what society might be like if we all wore invisibility cloaks! Other activities include using electricity to shape memory metal, and exploring thin films—the reason bubbles have so many colors.

Explore the miniscule world of atoms, molecules and nanoscale forces during NanoDays, April 7-13.


  • Hands-on activities all week
  • Special Demonstrations at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday
  • Fun Films about Nano at 1 p.m. daily
  • Special lecture on “Building the Iron Man Suit” by Nathan Mara noon Wednesday
  • Art of nanoscience on display all week

As part of the NanoDays week of events, Nathan Mara of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies, will discuss the science behind the “Iron Man Suit.” The talk, titled “Building the Iron Man Suit: Developing the science behind lightweight, damage-tolerant nanocomposites,” is noon to 1 p.m. at the museum.

Mara is a technical staff member, and nanomechanical testing subject matter expert in the Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies; his research focuses on the relationship between microstructure and mechanical behavior at the nanoscale, with an emphasis on structural applications in extreme environments. He earned his doctoral degree in 2005 in materials science and engineering from the University of California-Davis. Mara is chairman of the Nanomechanical Materials Behavior Committee of the Metals, Materials, and Minerals Society

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