Myers: It’s A Great Time To Sell In Los Alamos

Kelly Myers

Associate Broker, RE/MAX of Los Alamos

If the New Year has you thinking about selling your home, the good news is that it’s a great time to sell.

Heading into 2016, our inventory is extremely low – with only 66 houses on the market as of today. This means we are selling more houses and listing fewer, draining the supply. When supply decreases, demand increases and prices rise. This, along with low interest rates, produces a terrific climate in which to list and sell your home. 

Last year I saw an increase in younger buyers. Buyers came into town with a new job, a family and enough money saved for a good down payment. Many of these buyers were ex-students of mine wholeft after graduation, pursued their education, decided that Los Alamos was a wonderful place to live, returned and purchased a home. Does this sound familiar? I did the same thing about 30 years ago. I feel very privileged to get to know them as adults and help them with their purchase. I’m pleased to think I will see more people in that demographic in 2016.

Though interest rates are low, that may change in 2016, and this contributes to the notion that listing your home for sale sooner rather than later is a wise decision.

Scott Robinson, Gateway Mortgage

Scott Robinson from Gateway Mortgage shares more on this topic.

“It is very exciting to see the housing trends moving up in Los Alamos. In 2015, we saw plenty of enthusiasm and the prospects for a continued upward trend are positive,” he said. “Recently, mortgage rates overall have been flat. Most experts agree that the recent international struggleshave negated the positive growth seen in the U.S. economy, resulting in flat rate movement.”

In 2016, if the economy continues its slow but positive growth, and if international conflicts simmer down, we anticipate rates to move upward, he said. The recent increase in the short-term lending rates by the Feds is a signal that they believe we have stabilized and now our economy can stand some increased borrowing costs without dampening growth.

“None of the experts who I have observed foresee any significant rate drops in the near future, assuming no major catastrophic events occur,” Robinson said. “Let’s keep the momentum going forward by selling or purchasing a home soon. In the end, Kelly and I expect to see continued movement in the real estate market in Los Alamos, and welcome the opportunity to help Sellers list their homes and Buyers purchase their homes.”