Municipal Court Releases 16 Outstanding Warrants


Los Alamos Municipal Judge Alan Kirk’s office has released a list of 16 outstanding bench warrants issued for failure to appear in court.

According to Court officials, there are several ways to clear a bench warrant and all of them will require a court date for an appearance before Judge Kirk:

  • If you wish to avoid being arrested, you may contact the Court and arrange to appear at a scheduled arraignment. If you have a warrant for failure to pay fines you may be able to clear it by paying the outstanding fines and bench warrant fees at the clerical window in the lobby of the Justice Center, 2500 Trinity Dr.
  • If you are arrested and a bond is identified, you can post bond (cash, money order or cashier check only) to be released from custody. If you do not post a bond you will remain in custody and be set for the next court date. If you post a cash bond, you will be released from custody and set for a future arraignment date.
  • You can turn yourself into the jail by going to the Los Alamos Police Department and if a bond is identified you can post bond (cash, money order or cashier check only) if there is a bond amount or await the next court date. If you post a cash bond, you will be released from custody and set for a future arraignment date.

Bonds will be returned to the posting party once all obligations have been fulfilled. You (or whoever posted the bond for you) may sign a form allowing it to be converted to payment of fines and fees.

If you think there may be an outstanding bench warrant with Los Alamos Municipal Court issued for you, contact the Municipal Court at 505.662.8025. You can obtain information regarding your options and it is possible you may be able to clear the bench warrant without being arrested.

The Municipal Court is inside the Los Alamos Justice Center at 2500 Trinity Dr., in Los Alamos.

Name                               Date Issued                        Date of Birth        Residence

Belinda Martinez              5-3-2018                            1985                    Espanola

Monique Ruiz                   5-3-2018                            1979                    Chimayo

Charlotte Sandoval          5-3-2018                            1972                    Cordova

Nicholas Torres                5-3-2018                           1989                     Santa Fe

Ashley Tapia                    5-3-2018                           1992                     Santa Fe

Rachael Hartford              5-3-2018                           1976                    Los Alamos

Jacob Perea                     5-3-2018                          1981                     Los Alamos

Tony Chavez                    5-3-2018                          1965                     Albuquerque

Fred Ervien                       5-3-2018                          1964                    Placitas

Gere Burrell                      5-3-2018                           1981                   Los Alamos

Brandon Martinez             5-3-2018                           1993                   Cordova

Juan Frazier                     1-11-2018                        1990                     Espanola

Sebastian Osbaldo Cruz-Vargas 1-9-18                   1989                    Santa Cruz

Kelton Downen                 1-23-2018                        1994                   White Rock

Helen Hitson                     1-14-15                            1959                   Los Alamos

Trevor Ray Martin            1-9-18                               1995                   Albuquerque



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