Municipal Building Construction Update

Recent interior shot of  the new Los Alamos County Municipal Building. Courtesy/LAC


Construction on the Los Alamos County Municipal Building project on Central Avenue is rolling right along as employees prepare for the big move into the new facility over the weeks ahead.

Offsite Work:

At the corner of Iris Stree and 9th Street, construction of angled parking has been completed. At the corner of 9th Street and Central Avenue, construction of handicapped walk ramps and revisions to the drainage elevations have been completed.

Onsite Work:

  • Concrete work near the west building entrance is on-going.
  • Landscaping/irrigation is starting.
  • Carpeting is being installed.
  • Restroom tile and fixtures is ongoing.
  • Tile work on the exterior walls is on-going.
  • Electrical and mechanical equipment installation for the interior is almost complete.
  • The Elevator installation is almost complete.
  • Data cabling installation is in progress.
  • Interior painting is ongoing.
  • Interior doors are being installed.
  • A transition team is being assembled to begin the logistics of moving in the County Departments.

Records/Archives areas:

  • Installation of railings for the space saver storage files is completed.
  • Spacesaver units for the Historical Archives and County Records have been approved and ordered.
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