Muni Complex Running Months Ahead of Schedule

The 45,000 square foot Municipal Complex project is ahead of schedule for substantial completion by January 2013 instead of the original projected date of October 2013. However, at this stage of construction, County officials say that many factors could change that date again and it is most likely that the building will be finished and ready for occupancy in the fall of 2013. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Work continues high in the rafters of the new Municipal Complex in downtown Los Alamos. Construction of the exterior walls and slab floors of the new downtown complex is proceeding rapidly and ahead of schedule. The majority of large steel beam placement is nearly complete, as is the majority of cement work on the ground floor, second floor and about half of the third floor. Exterior framing is on-going and interior steel framing is underway. Above-ceiling mechanical and electrical installation is on-going and site grading west of the loading dock area is in progress. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

As work continues at sky-level, there also is much progress occuring on the streets surrounding the Municipal Complex. Central Avenue utilities night work is completed. Sidewalks on the north side of Iris Street are scheduled to be completed this week. Storm drain and drop inlets also are on the schedule this week. The paving of Iris Street begins July 2-3. Curb and gutter work is scheduled to start on the north side of Central Avenue the week of July 9. This work will occur during the day with a lane shift. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

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