Mountain School’s Green Team Wins State Competition!

Mountain Elementary School Green Team are the state champions in the Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge. Courtesy photo

Mountain Elementary School Green Team state champions with their sponsors Michele Altherr and Karen Henderson. Courtesy photo


This past year Mountain School’s Green Team took up the Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge. The 15 club members rallied the school and community and turned in a final count of 67,469 plastic bags and overwraps! 

They won the New Mexico competition. The school will receive a bird-nesting box and a bench made of Trex recycled lumber. 

Besides getting the whole school community involved in the competition and raising awareness about plastic, they inspired the Los Alamos Stable Owners Association to start collecting and recycling their plastic feed bags. The rest of the plastic was picked up and recycled by Azazo Recycling. Some of the collected bags were donated to Melanie Borup, a high school student, for her recycled art projects.

The children used quite a bit of math including sampling techniques, estimating pieces by weight and keeping a running total. Also, the team members became spokespeople for the competition by creating posters, visiting classrooms, and running a weekly plastic trivia contest.

Michele Altherr and Karen Henderson have sponsored the Green Team for four years and both are very pleased with the team members’ dedication and their accomplishment.

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