More than 40 Pastors to Mathematicians Participating in Wednesday’s ‘Seeking Truth in Science and Faith’ Discussion of Evil


The “Seeking Truth in Science and Faith in Los Alamos” talk and discussion series will take on “Evil – From the Big Bang Until Today” as the topic under discussion at 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, July 16 at United Church’s Craig Hall, 2525 Canyon Road.

More than 40 people from pastors to mathematicians will participate. The presenter ia Eric Fairfield, Ph.D.

Dinner is at 6 p.m., the presentation 6:30 p.m., and at 7 p.m., the discussion begins.

The group will pull in information from cosmology, paleontology, anthropology, chemistry, physics, biology, genetics, and neuroscience, then try to combine these results with the view of evil in many theologies and try to come up with an accurate synthesis.

If you have questions about science and faith, this discussion series may answer some of them. The series is directed towards young adults, but is open to everyone.

For more information, call Laura McClellan at 505.412.9437 or the United Church office at 505.662.2971, or check out the FaceBook group “Seeking Truth in Science and Faith in Los Alamos.”

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