More Scenes From Special Olympics Torch Run

Los Alamos Police Department runners and Special Olympic athletes meet for a photo Thursday morning before taking off in the 2017 Torch Run from Los Alamos to Jemez Springs. Photo by Kateri Morris

Los Alamos American Legion (Linda Fox) presents a $500 check to Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics. Photo by Kateri Morris

From left, Bandelier Ranger David Sutherland, LAPD Sgt. Tim Lonz and LAPD Cpl. Robert Larsen pull a steep hill. Photo by Kateri Morris

Bandelier Ranger Derek Thompson carries the torch. Photo by Kateri Morris

LAPD Cmdr. Morris and Ofc. Jay Eakins run down Trinity Drive with special Olympic athletes Sam, Jenny, Teagan, Addy and Sheylene. Photo by Kateri Morris

Cmdr. Morris and Cpl. Larsen see something in the road they don’t want to step in. Photo by Kateri Morris

From left, Cpl. Adele McKenzie, Cpl. Jaime Gonzales and Ofc. Jay Eakins. Photo by Kateri Morris

Runners passing through the Valles Caldera. Photo by Kateri Morris

Entering Jemez Springs. Photo by Kateri Morris

Runners in Jemez Springs. Photo by Kateri Morris

Runners enjoy a meal provided by volunteers after the Torch Run in Jemez Springs. Photo by Kateri Morris

Runners final gathering in Jemez Springs with volunteers and the Los Alamos Auxiliary Fire Brigade. Photo by Kateri Morris