More Community Asset Award Nominees Announced

Community Asset Award Nominees Linda Sanders and her grandchildren David, Sarah and Emily. Courtesy photo

Champions of Youth Ambitions

There has never been a year like 2020, where doing something for others had so much meaning.

Community Asset Award Nominees Linda Sanders of Los Alamos and her grandchildren have been making a difference for seniors throughout the pandemic and continue to do so often.

David, 11, Sarah, 8, and Emily, 5, have created cards, sent jokes, created flowers, butterflies and book marks to brighten the day for many, many seniors throughout the community. Their kind deeds also found senior recipients returning their kindness from time to time.

When unknowingly asked why they did so much, here’s what they each had to say:

  • David said, “I like spreading joy to the seniors because it makes them happy and makes them feel loved.”
  • Sarah said, “I enjoyed making bookmarks, because I like writing happy things on craft sticks and putting on stickers. I like crafting, and it’s fun. It makes seniors feel happy and loved.”
  • Emily said, “I liked making Christmas trees, because it was fun. It was nice for the seniors and I liked doing it.”

“We do these crafts to show that love,” Sanders said and in turn quoted Mother Teresa, “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

Sanders indeed models that for our next generation of leaders. 

A variety of Community Asset Award Nominees also were recognized:

  • Jordan DuRose for being passionate about work and doing right by his customers. 
  • Melissa Mackey makes the Los Alamos library system sing, impressing community members by stepping up to serve her patrons even when the library was closed to the public. 
  • Heather Elliott is the ultimate in customer service and hasn’t met a customer that isn’t made a friend by the end of their shopping experience.
  • Ryn Herrmann of the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce continues to make our county one of distinction and has been praised for her many accomplishments during the pandemic. 
  • Herman Manzanares of Los Alamos Lock and Key made life better for an injured firefighter as he went through rehabilitation.

Artemia Rojas made more than 1,000 face masks for the community during the pandemic. Courtesy photo

C’YA wanted to take the opportunity to speak about Artemia Rojas. While mask making might have been a hobby, Rojas found time in between running and hiking to assist in making more than 1,000 masks. 

Finally, the tireless dedication, long work hours and determination to get the job done by mail carrier Brett Doughty has been admirable. His ability this past summer in extreme heat to deliver the mail with a cheerful disposition and friendly wave, and as the weather was turning colder and with the increase in mail volume delivered, worked very long hours to get the mail through.  

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