Mobile Pet Adoption At Health Fair Saturday



The Los Alamos Friends of the Shelter will be outdoors at the 29th Annual Los Alamos Heart Council Health Fair.

They will bring dogs of all sizes, shapes and colors—each guaranteed to be good for your health and well-being. Come by and enjoy some On-The-Spot Benefits.

Visit the Shelter to meet an equally great collection of cats who are just as beneficial.

Health Benefits of Owning Pets:

Mood Enhancers, Lower Blood Pressure,Lower Cholesterol, Healthier Heart, Fights Depression, MoreActive, Lowers Chance of Strokes, Increases Social Interaction, Stronger Immune System, Prevents Asthma, Helps Counseling, Helps Overcome Limitations of ADHD, Helps Autistic Kids, Strengthens Bones, Relief from RA, Soothing Heat for Pain, Calming Presence and Reduces Anxiety.