Miller: What A Great Community We Live In!

Los Alamos

Two and a half weeks ago I was hiking Quemazon trail with my dog. She always wears a nice silver foot clip bell as she is usually off lead.

When we returned to the car I took her bell off in the parking area and loaded her in the truck. I must have dropped the bell and didn’t notice. I realized later I must have dropped it there and figured it was someone else’s find and it was gone.

I have been up Quemazon twice since then and thought nothing about it. I went Thursday and thought I’d just look by the kiosk just in case someone left it for the rightful owner. It was there on a rock after all that time.

Thank you so much to I’m sure the dozens of people who went by and left it.

Yes, it was only a little clip bell, but that’s not the point. What a great community we live in! Really appreciate it!

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