Migrating Birds Spotted In Los Alamos Yard

These Evening Grosbeaks were spotted last week by Aidan Logan, 8, at his grandparent’s home on North Mesa before school. They were seen enjoying the morning supply of bird feed as they were just passing through town. Photo by Aidan Logan

An Evening Grosbeak. Photo by Aidan Logan

Staff Report

Spotted last week in a yard on North Mesa in Los Alamos, this heavyset finch of northern coniferous forests, the Evening Grosbeak, adds a splash of color to winter bird feeders every few years, when large flocks depart their northern breeding grounds en masse to seek food to the south.

The yellow-bodied, dusky-headed male has an imposing air thanks to his massive bill and fierce eyebrow stripe. The female is more subtly marked, with golden highlights on her soft gray plumage.

This declining species is becoming uncommon, particularly in the eastern United States.

Source: allaboutbirds.org

Evening Grosbeaks. Photo by Aidan Logan


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