Michelle Harkey of Los Alamos Shares Two Weight Loss Secrets On National Webinar Broadcast Today

Michelle Harkey will be interviewed at 1 p.m. today on a national webinar broadcast. Photo by Fotogrph


At 1 p.m. today, Marci Lock will interview local business owner Michelle Harkey on a national webinar broadcast.

Lock is a life transformation coach and nutrition and fitness expert who has helped thousands of people achieve life-long fitness results. She believes that excess weight is a symptom of a deeper problem and true weight loss must come from an inner transformation. Her website is www.marcilock.com and you can sign up for the webcast at http://bit.ly/1qFptv8.

Harkey also is a coach who teaches women how to transform their bodies and lives through her 90-day Ultimate Energy Program. During her interview with Lock she will introduce two of her most potent secrets that make it possible for her clients to shed extra pounds.

One of the keys to weight loss is the ability to sense what is happening within the organs of the body.

“When we’re in touch with our stomachs, we can tell if we’re actually hungry or just looking for comfort,” Harkey said. “When you are in touch with your body on that level you can begin to ask yourself what your body really wants, and get those needs met in appropriate ways. This affects everything.”

The other secret, which she will cover in more detail in the webinar, is the ability to sense what is going on within the muscles.

“People lose their sense of how tense they are,” Harkey said.

The problem is that bodies that are full of tension also are full of stress hormones that cause weight gain, especially around the waist. Once Harkey’s clients learn these two secrets they begin to lose weight without struggle. As her clients begin to sense what is happening in their bodies, something else happens: their self-image improves drastically, which sparks an improvement in other areas of life.

“When we feel good about ourselves, we treat our bodies better,” she said.

To hear the webinar, visit www.michelleharkey.com to sign up for her email list. When you sign up through Harkey’s website, you will be sent the link to the webinar, and also receive three free videos.

The first video will give you an explanation of Michelle’s Ultimate Energy Program. In the second video you will discover how to finally shift your mindset so you can achieve balance in your life. You will find out about the seven layers of the self, try life altering “inner-cizes” and gain powerful visualization tools that will help you plan and reach your goals. In the third video you will be able to sample excerpts from the Ultimate Energy Program.

To request a copy of today’s national webinar interview, email michelle@michelleharkey.com, or call 505.695.2095.


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