Michael Moore In Trumpland Viewing Wednesday

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DPLA News:

The Democratic Party of Los Alamos County will host a viewing of Michael Moore in Trumpland beginning at 6:30 p.m. with a pot luck followed at 7 p.m. with the movie.

Everyone is invited and asked to bring a dish to share. The event is at the DPLA headquarters at 170 Central Park Square.

Moore’s new film seeks to humanize Trump supporters and Hillary Clinton and mend our divisions — and it succeeds.

“TrumpLand” comes off at first as a simple gesture to persuade Trump voters to think twice before casting their ballot — but that is just the surface. At its core, the film is offering the U.S. public an intervention into the political discourse that we haven’t seen yet. While it will be easy to dismiss the film as a publicity stunt that simply broadcasts a one-man show and will be irrelevant after the vote, that misses the larger point. The film isn’t only aimed at convincing Trump supporters to reexamine their plans on Election Day; its real goal is to heal a nation after an election cycle that has felt more like a civil war than a functional democracy.

Source: Salon Movie Review