Mesa Public Library Reopens On Schedule Tuesday

Mesa Public Library reopens Tuesday, Dec. 4. Courtesy photo


Crews and staff are preparing to reopen Mesa Public Library on schedule Tuesday, Dec. 4. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system will be in operation allowing for public occupancy.

Note: Crews will still be performing work to replace light fixtures, fine tuning the HVAC system and cleaning. Some areas of the library will be temporarily restricted to allow for light replacement but should only affect a few aisles per day.

Other areas will remain closed to the public including the 3rd floor meeting rooms (throughout December) and the Zone (thru Dec. 7). While the building will have undergone a preliminary, but thorough cleaning, patrons may encounter a little dust from construction.

Additionally, elevator upgrades are still in process causing the elevator to be out of service until the end of the day Friday, Dec. 7. We apologize for any inconvenience.

To allow staff to return to their office spaces, re-establish the book check system and other library IT-based systems, and return books to their shelves, the Children’s Lending library at Fuller Lodge will be closed today, Nov. 30. The library, including the Zone, also will be closed Sunday, Dec. 2 and Monday, Dec. 3.

Mesa Public Library will re-open at its usual time, 10 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 4. The White Rock Branch Library will continue to operate under its regular schedule.

All children’s programs will be held in White Rock through December 22nd.  No children’s programs will be held at Mesa Public Library in December except for Noon Years’ Eve on December 31st.

Direct questions or concerns to the Public Works Department at 505.662.8150 or email