Mesa Library: Call For Authors For Winterfest Book Fair

Mesa Public Library. Courtesy/MPL

MPL News:

The annual Call for Authors has been issued for the Winterfest Book Fair at Mesa Public Library.

The event is noon to 3 p.m., Dec. 6, in the Upstairs Rotunda at Mesa Public Library, 2400 Central Ave., in downtown Los Alamos.

Anyone who has published a book will have the opportunity to meet their readers and sell and sign their books. The Library would like to showcase those talented authors who live in and around Los Alamos, no matter what genre. There are cookbook authors, dog training authors, self-help authors, poets and autobiographers; science fiction, history, and fiction writers right here- and all are welcome at the Book Fair.

The Fair is not limited to authors who have published through traditional publishing houses, either. Self-published and e-book authors are also welcome.

Authors can reserve a spot at the Book Fair by calling Katy Korkos at 505.662.8247. The deadline to reserve a table is Monday, Dec. 1. The Book Fair at the library is just one of many Winterfest activities which are held Friday through Sunday, Dec. 5 through 8, in downtown Los Alamos.