Meow Wolf Launching New Brand Of Art, Merchandise And Entertainment

Mikey Rae Brings His Beloved, Weird And Fun Characters To Life in Mikey Rae’s Talent Show. Courtesy photo
SANTA FE Weird has always been a thing in New Mexico—part of The Land Of Enchantment’s mystical, artistic and wild, friendly mojo that for centuries has attracted seekers, makers and travelers from around the globe. Whether of the earth, like White Sands, or the stars, like Roswell aliens, New Mexico weird is strange and has staying power.
Meow Wolf is the latest in this deep tradition and now one of the most beloved Meow Wolf artists, Santa Fe native Mikey Rae, will launch an entire new brand of art, merch and entertainment to delight Meow Wolf fans and audiences of all ages from this planet and beyond.
Mikey Rae’s Talent Show is centered around a 16-part, digital animated series of thirty-second episodes based on Mikey’s art and characters famously seen in the long hallway outside Meow Wolf’s award-winning House Of Eternal Return. The characters come to life, in classic Rae hilarity, to offer quirky wisdom and catch phrases born to be viral.
The episodes are living sketchbooks of abstract cowboys, philosophical dogs, talking plants and Mikey’s personal mantras.Mikey Rae’s Talent Show channels the energy of a freewheeling and all too-candid open mic night with non-sequitur life advice and mesmerizing surprises all illustrated in Mikey’s signature whimsical style.
This cast of eccentric characters has swarmed the talent stage inside Mikey’s mind for years and now finally arrives on your screen. The series premieres Wednesday May 16 on social media via @MikeyRaesTalentShow on Facebook & Instagram.
A new line of merchandise will debut alongside the animated episodes as many of Mikey’s popular drawings will be available on a variety of gifts and products at To celebrate Mikey’s love of dogs and all the animals in the animations and merch, Mikey Rae’s Talent Show will sponsor an animal per week at The Santa Fe Humane Society. A free launch party, open to the public, also happens from 4-6 p.m. Wednesday May 16, at the Meow Wolf Learning Center, 1352 Rufina Circle in Santa Fe with live music, Mikey Rae drawing, The Santa Fe Humane Society and more.
This is the third brand that Meow Wolf has launched since 2016, following Future Fantasy Delight from Nico Salazar and Experience Tube from Nick Toll.
About Mike Rae
Mikey Rae is not your typical Santa Fe artist, though he was born and raised in “The City Different” and has drawn since kindergarten. Mikey, asked to describe his art, says “I probably wouldn’t. I’ve always been kind of flummoxed by and resistant to artist statements.” He’s a high school homie of the founders of Meow Wolf, the DIY art collective turned global art company, and first worked with the group on set design for “The Moon Is To Live On,” a 2010 interactive theater piece. Ever since, Mikey has been an integral contributor to the collective’s maximalist culture and fervent personality. As he says, “Being weird is cool.”
Mikey’s hallway scrawlings and introspective captions conjure the likes of Daniel Johnston, Raymond Pettibone and Gary Larsen. They’re delightfully simple, energetic and thought-provoking whether they lean funny or deep—or both. The pieces are some of the most Instagrammed in all of Meow Wolf’s wildly popular, 70+room exhibit as their magnetic personalities resonate broadly across divergent audiences. Now, for the first time, this vision comes alive not only for those who’ve made their way to Santa Fe, but for everyone.
Watch every Wednesday over the next 16 weeks for a new episode of Mikey Rae’s Talent Show presented by Meow Wolf. Follow Mikey Rae’s socials for breaking news, direct-from-the-artist experiences and special extras: