Memorial Tribute: Thomas Wilson Hornsby, III

THOMAS WILSON HORNSBY, III Feb. 3, 1983 – Sept. 5, 2017
In Memoriam

Four years have passed since you left us T.W.  Not a day passes that we don’t think of you and miss you.

We remember your beautiful eyes, your laugh, your voice, your hugs, and your smile that lit up a room. We can still picture you and your brother playing in our home with large cardboard boxes, Little Tykes blocks and Legos. We can still remember the two of you climbing up our cherry tree to pick cherries – one in the bag then one in your mouth and your shirts covered with cherry juice. And our fishing trips to the Reservoir and the trout we all caught and brought home for supper.

Your children are growing so fast – they remind us more of you every day. You would be very proud of them. They really miss you.

You made a positive difference in the lives of so many both personally and professionally.

You may be gone, but you are reborn every day inside our memories Safely in God’s keeping – always in our hearts.

We love you son. Mom and Dad