Meet Gubernatorial Candidate Peter DeBenedittis At Karen Way Gallery Tonight

Peter DeBenedittis, Progressive Democratic candidate for governor. Courtesy photo
From the Peter DeBenedittis Campaign:

Peter DeBenedittis, Progressive Democratic candidate for governor will be giving a brief talk, followed by question and answer session 6-7:30 p.m. today at The Karen Way Gallery at 1247 Central Ave. Suite D-2.

You can bring your ideas of how to make our state better. The campaign is called People First.  He will not be taking donations from large corporations, so he is talking about real people, not created entities. 

People are asking for single payer health insurance for New Mexico. DeBenedittis supports the New Mexico Health Securities Act, which will expand the great insurance state workers receive to everyone, cut out the middle man, increase the pool, and end in lower costs to individual or companies paying for worker’s insurance. (Those with Federal Programs would remain on them.)
DeBenedittis supports a living wage, because the research shows states who pay one are wealthier. He would create a publicly owned state bank like they have had in North Dakota for 100 years and have never laid off a worker. We fund our own construction, repairs, business loans, etc., and keep the money in state. He also supports moving to 100 percent renewable energy. Three white papers are being written showing how to create jobs, increase money in rural areas, and create inexpensive, locally-produced, low-water organic food using aquaponics, solar, and wind energy.
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