Medicare, Retirement And IRA Planning Classes Beginning At UNM-LA

The Personal Planning and Finance series is a popular program offered through UNM-LA Community Education. Courtesy/iStock

UNM-LA News:

It’s never too early to start planning for a comfortable retirement and UNM-LA has just the classes to set you up for success, and to help you avoid costly errors.

Three critical classes for anyone interested in retirement options are being offered this fall through UNM-LA’s Community Education: Passport to Retirement, Understanding Your Social Security & Medicare Options, and IRA Planning.

Retirement and Estate Planning Specialist Peter Murphy has taught and trained more than a thousand pre- and post-retirees about Social Security, Medicare, retirement planning, and other classes related to practical finances.

Whether retirement is a long way off or just around the corner, the Passport to Retirement course helps participants gain control of their finances as they plan for a comfortable retirement. Important questions will be addressed in this hands-on, comprehensive presentation, such as how much retirement money is needed, where it will come from, how taxes should be managed, and how assets can be protected for heirs.

Students will learn about best practices with money management, how to realize more from investments, and how to factor in lifestyle issues, Social Security, and retirement plans. This class provides the basic financial tools necessary to meet financial life goals. Students will receive a 145-page retirement guide filled with helpful checklists, self-analysis quizzes, and worksheets to help apply what is learned. (Tuesday–Wednesday, Sept. 29–30, 5:30–9 p.m., $70)

Social Security and Medicare are the largest benefit programs for the average retiree. The four-hour seminar Understanding Your Social Security & Medicare Options provides participants with a basic comprehension of these government retirement programs and assists students in maximizing benefits based on individual needs.

Covering individual, spousal, ex-spousal, and survivor Social Security benefits, this course discusses benefit coordination strategies, Social Security income taxation, and key decision points in utilizing Social Security income to reach retirement goals.

Additionally, the seminar provides details on Medicare Parts A and B, Medicare Advantage Plans, Drug Plans, and Medigap policy options. Medicare costs, coverage, exclusions, penalties, when and how to apply will also be addressed. This is an interactive class in which questions and participation are encouraged, adding dimension to the many faceted topics. (Saturday, Sept. 26, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., $45)

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Planning teaches participants seven strategies for IRA planning, six rollover options for retirement plan funds, and three common required minimum distribution mistakes. In addition, students will learn the difference between indirect and direct rollovers, three different options for spousal IRA beneficiaries, and how to coordinate IRA planning with an overall retirement and estate strategy. Discussions will include how to contribute to traditional and Roth IRAs, how retirement accounts are taxed, how to calculate required minimum distribution, and how spousal IRAs work. (Tuesday, Oct. 13, 6-8:30 p.m. $45)

To register online visit: and follow the Personal Enrichment link. For more information about UNM-LA Community Education, call 505.662.0346. Email:

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