McNiel: The Culmination

Los Alamos

It all comes down to this game! The stage is set and the outcome is as big as the mountains in the back drop.

To quote Travis’s father Mark Gonzales, “This is how you want to play at the end of your senior year.” 

In case you don’t know, it’s senior night, it’s a district championship, it’s potentially the last home game of the season, and that’s just the football game. For 10 young men it could be the last time they put on the topper uniform and run out of the helmet. For our senior cheerleaders and band members, it is their last night under the Sullivan Field lights, so let’s send them out with our love and support.

Earlier in the week I sent out questions to our seniors to see what they felt was the best memories as toppers. For the football players I am sure many felt like last week’s Hail Mary for the win and a shot at this district title would be high on the list. For cheerleaders Alyssa Genero and Victoria Cummings it was all the fun with friends at football games and cheer competition. For Abigail Ortiz it was always having a good laugh with teammates.

Next I asked about plans after high school. The responses were as varied as the students themselves. Some want to travel and study music. Others have dreams of continuing on the field in college. They have dreams of becoming teachers, engineers, musicians, and more. I personally can’t wait to see where life takes these amazing young people as they put the topper stamp on this world!

Before they go out they had a few words of advice. Victoria Cummings pretty well summed it up.

“Hold on to these four years of high school because they fly by and then life will hit you. Enjoy as much as you can!” Alyssa Genero must have listened to her parents since her advice is “Do your homework even though it may take a while. It is so worth it in the end!” From a parent of underclassmen thank you Alyssa!

Goodbyes are never fun and these will be no exception. Seniors let me start with Thank You! Good Luck! Be Strong! Give Your All! Shine like the Sun! Never Forget Your Roots! Love Everyone! And Grow!

Regardless of where life takes you remember this … the “Good Life” shouldn’t be your destination, it should be a description of the path you have walked through life!

Go Toppers!