Matt Williams: Letter Of Condolences

Los Alamos School Board

Please understand that this is a personal statement from a school board member and does not constitute an official communiqué from the school board, but I cannot write another public commentary that is “business as usual” without first offering my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Arleigh Huff.

The tragic loss of one of our students is easily the greatest difficulty I’ve had to struggle with several times during my term as a school board member. My thoughts and prayers have been for all those affected by our most recent loss this past week.

I know the school district is completely committed to offering any support and services that are needed during this time. I would also like to acknowledge the outpouring of heartfelt support and sympathy our students have displayed toward Ari, his family and friends.

It is difficult to process the many emotions that I have; sorrow, regret and also the pride that I see in the resiliency and empathy that this community has displayed.

We can address other issues soon, including how we move forward from here. But not now. This is a time for sorrow, grief and healing.