Marion Loope Pleads Not Guilty … Remains In Jail

Los Alamos Daily Post

Marion Loope, 35, of Los Alamos pleaded not guilty June 27 in First Judicial District Court in Los Alamos before Judge Jason Lidyard to charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon on a household member and battery on a household member. She will remain in custody pending trial. Loope faces one to five years minus a day of incarceration if convicted of the two charges.

Loope was arrested in April following an incident in which she allegedly became angry with her mother, threw a cup of hot coffee at her, grabbed her head, took off her glasses and began beating her mother’s head against a door frame. Loope then allegedly grabbed her mother and tried to strangle her and grabbed a knife, which she held at her mother’s throat.

Following her April arrest, Loope had a dangerousness hearing before Judge T. Glenn Ellington who found that based on her history and the current allegations there were not conditions under which he could release her pretrial. Judge Ellington said he felt Loope posed a threat to the community, particularly first responders and healthcare workers as well as her immediate family. At that hearing, Assistant District Attorney Kent Wahlquist cited 15 cases since 2009 in which Loope was charged with battery, criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct, battery and assault against police and medical workers. He also indicated that she was living with her parents, had battered them before and that no conditions of release would protect them.

At the June 27 hearing, Judge Lidyard granted a request from Deputy District Attorney Michael Nunez to adopt Judge Ellington’s order issued after the April dangerousness hearing, which means Loope will remain incarcerated until her status hearing in October unless her attorney files a successful motion with the Court to be released.

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