Marg Elliston Takes Helm Of State Democratic Party

Newly elected Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Marg Elliston

DPNM News:

Truth Or Consequences – At a meeting in Truth or Consequences today, Marg Elliston took the helm of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Elliston was elected by the DPNM State Central Committee the committee of elected members of the Democratic Party from all 33 counties in the state who participate and conduct Party business. She is elected to finish chair this term, which ends at the beginning of 2019.

“As chair in this incredibly important election year, I’ll be working to ensure Democrats are using our energy to ensure voters know we’re on their side, and we want to lead,” Elliston said. “I’m excited to take on this challenge because Democrats have a progressive platform that reflects New Mexico values, strong candidates who will fight for our families, and unprecedented activism that will turn this state around.”

Also, at the meeting today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico approved two new caucuses, the Adelante Progressive Caucus and the East Mountains Rural Dems and Ranchers Caucus. The Adelante Progressive Caucus will focus on bringing more folks into the Party and expand outreach. The East Mountains Rural Dems and Ranchers Caucus will focus on issues that are specific to rural and agricultural communities.

About Marg Elliston

Marg Elliston is a Corrales resident who was elected chair of the Democratic Party of Sandoval County five years ago. In that time, she focused on working collaboratively and inclusively. She helped lead a strong executive committee, successfully ensured the organization had the resources to reach their goals and boosted excitement and enthusiasm throughout the county.

Elliston worked to grow a volunteer-based campaign headquarters, which worked diligently to elect local and statewide Democratic nominees.

Elliston is a long-time advocate for women and children, starting her volunteer lobbying at the New Mexico State Legislature in 1978. She raised her family in Corrales where she still lives with her husband Fred Harris.