Manhattan Project National Historical Park: NPS & DOE Field Team Visits Los Alamos June 2-4


With the passage last December of legislation creating the Manhattan Project National Historical Park (MPNHP), a field team of representatives from the Department of Energy (DOE) and National Park Service (NPS) has scheduled a trip to Los Alamos June 2-4.

This three-day site visit will include tours of historic buildings, both in town and on DOE/LANL property, as well as high-profile public and stakeholder meetings. 

The community is invited and encouraged to attend an important event during the team’s visit:

  • Public Meeting & Reception for the MPNHP Field Team
  • Including NPS & DOE Representatives
  • Fuller Lodge
  • Tuesday, June 2
  • 5-7 p.m.
  • Refreshments will be served.

The event will provide the field team with an opportunity to interact with members of the community and collect input and feedback about the new Park, as they learn more about Los Alamos and the Manhattan Project during their visit.

Los Alamos County Council Chair Kristin Henderson said she hopes the community will turn out in large numbers on June 2 to meet members of the NPS and DOE who will be helping to create the Park in Los Alamos, as well as to show enthusiasm and support for the new Park.

“The new National Historical Park will acknowledge the importance of the Manhattan Project in our nation’s history, and in world history, and Los Alamos’ role, along with the role of our sister cities in the Park – Hanford and Oak Ridge,” Henderson said. “Additionally, it could be a true sea change in our economic development, providing another, albeit much smaller, industry for our community. With the National Historical Park, as well as Bandelier National Monument and the transfer of the Valles Caldera National Preserve to the NPS, we may well see many new visitors here as they begin their adventures at all three diverse parks.”

“During the field team’s visit, we want to truly ‘showcase’ all that we offer,” Henderson said, “Visitors to our community can learn about and enjoy the County’s cultural, historical and natural offerings, coupled with trips to nearby Bandelier and the Valles Caldera.”

The County Council appointed a committee of Councilors, citizens and businesses who are working on the details related to opening of the MPNHP next year. They will meet with the field team June 4 to outline the County’s vision for the new Park.

Los Alamos park properties listed in the legislation include historic buildings in downtown Los Alamos and 17 Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) properties located at eight technical areas, including two DOE signature facilities: V-site (Fat Man research and development and Trinity Gadget assembly) and Gun Site (Little Boy research and development).

On June 3, the field team will be taking a walking tour of the historic district in downtown Los Alamos, as well as meeting with DOE and LANL officials to work on a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The MOA will be developed between the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Energy (acting through the Oak Ridge, Los Alamos and Hanford field offices) and will address the administration of facilities under the jurisdiction of the DOE. The MOA will include provisions for enhanced public access, management, interpretation and historic preservation of the sites.

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