Man Extradited To Los Alamos For Alleged Crimes Against A Child

Tyson Collins
Los Alamos Daily Post

Tyson Collins, 24, was charged Oct. 10 with child solicitation by electronic communication device, sexual exploitation of children and criminal sexual communication with a child. The warrant was requested by Los Alamos Police Det. Matt Lyon and signed by Magistrate Judge Pat Casados July 12.

Collins was taken into custody July 26 by Centralia Police Department in Lewis County, Wash., and was finally extradited to Los Alamos last week. Deputy District Attorney Kent Wahlquist filed a motion Oct. 11 in First Judicial District Court asking that Collins be held without bond until trial because no conditions of release will reasonably protect the safety of the community.

Lyon’s request for the warrant indicates that a man reported to him that his 15-year-old daughter had been speaking with someone on an app called “Whisper”. The person allegedly sent several nudity photos to the victim and that she had sent a nudity photo back. Lyon advised the father to bring the victim to the LAPD for a victim interview.

Court records indicate that the victim said she posted on “Whisper” June 17 that she needed a Netflix login and received a response from a person later identified as Collins who asked the victim for a photo. Collins then allegedly offered the victim “Netflix and Hulu for a deal and $100. The victim reported that she asked Collins why he wanted a photo and that he replied, ‘You’re not going to get Netflix from anyone without giving something, just saying”.

The victim told Lyon she replied, “Well, what if I’m not (expletive) comfortable with that, I’m 15 for god’s sake”. The records state that Collins then described specifically what he would want in the photos “if a girl wanted my Netflix for free” and the victim sent him the requested photos.

Collins allegedly responded by saying he felt bad because the victim was “so small and innocent looking”. The victim then told Collins she was 17 and Collins told her he was 23. The victim sent five additional photos to Collins after which he sent her the Netflix login information.

Later Collins allegedly sent a photo of his genitalia to the victim and asked her to make a video of herself. The victim allegedly responded that she would not go that far. Lyon’s report says the victim told him her father found marks made by a black marker on her stomach and she eventually told him about the conversation with Collins and described the photos she had sent Collins.

The victim told Lyon her father messaged Collins and asked his name and that he responded, “Tyson”. Further investigation revealed that Collins lived in Centralia, Wash. 

The pretrial detention hearing has been slated for Oct. 16 in Santa Fe.

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