Malicious Mischief Encountered In White Rock

Map depicting location of a tripwire placed 6 inches off the ground between a fence and a juniper tree. Courtesy/Jim Cobble
White Rock

As per property convenants in the La Senda neighborhood (in White Rock), a 10-ft right of way exists between various lots, initially for equestrian use but commonly used now for pedestrian foot traffic.

While walking on the seldom-used passage between 121 and 123 La Senda, among high weeds, I got sucker punched Thursday evening. It was unmitigated malicious mischief.

Some one had strung a tripwire — a metal wire — 6 inches off the ground between a fence on one side and a juniper tree on the other. I went down hard and cut my hand. I was lucky.

Like in Viet Nam in 1967, there could have been punji sticks. But the tripwire was the same.

Don’t know if the wire might have taken down a horse. Horses are bigger than I am.

I would write this off as a one-of-a-kind delinquency of some sort, but it is possible there may be more than one occurrence of this sort of thing.

The neighborhood needs to be alert. Someone could be seriously hurt.

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