Magistrate Judge Pat Casados Orders Steven C. Porter to Pay Nearly $100K in Cash to Get Out of Jail

Steven C. Porter

Staff Report

In order to get out of jail this time, Steven C. Porter of Pajarito Acres in White Rock must pay nearly $100,000 in cash after being arrested Monday and charged with violating the terms of his release.

Police suspect Porter removed the electronic monitoring bracelet attached to his ankle for some 20 hours between Friday and Saturday. A truck was vandalized about a mile from his home within that time period.

Porter went before Los Alamos Magistrate Court Judge Pat Casados this morning. His attorney Elwood Pennington told the judge that the brand of ankle bracelet used on his client is unreliable, adding that no one actually reported seeing Porter outside of the property of his home. He added that while the State asserts that Porter is responsible for vandalism in Pajarito Acres and a danger to the community, no one has seen him vandalize anything and no one has been hurt – so that assertion is not valid. 

Casados admonished Porter for being back in her court with a new felony charge, which brings the charges filed against him to 21. He was arrested earlier this month and charged with 20 drug related counts.

Casados ordered Porter to pay his original bond of $102,000 and an additional $5,000 for the new charge. He paid $10,200 to bond out of jail last week so Casados reduced the payment he must now make by that amount.

Prosecutor Kent Wahlquist said he agreed with the judge’s decision.

“I think it was a just thing to impose the original bond,” Wahlquist said.

Porter’s preliminary hearing is set for October.