Luchini: Sheriff Office A Position Of Trust

Libertarian Candidate For Sheriff

The Sheriff’s office in Los Alamos is an Administrative office. It is a position of trust on behalf of important administrative functions that require timely and competent processing.

One mandate of the office is to maintain the Sex Offender Registry, interacting with these offenders in a professional manner.  Another requires interacting with people who are being served paperwork related to lawsuits, divorce and child custody conflicts. Tuesday is the chance for voters to say who we are confident is worthy of this trust.

The Sheriff we select must have the temperament to remain calm and professional in the presence of people who may be very angry. That Sheriff must have the character and skill to apply conflict de-escalation techniques. I teach conflict de-escalation as part of every class I teach for the Sportsman’s Club. I’ve also applied those techniques in my small business experience:

You’ve not truly appreciated the power of conflict de-escalation until you’ve talked down a 6’6” drilling rig operator that has not slept in 20 hours after a drill string broke off in the well. Rough necks got that nickname for a reason.

It is true that the Sheriff could simply deputize current police officers of the Los Alamos Police department to execute the Service of Civil Process. Since that task is one of the two tasks the Sheriff’s office is authorized by the current Court ruling, I believe the Sheriff should execute that task and not offload that cost onto the Police Department.

I will commit to doing all of the Service of Civil Process personally except in the case of the recipient having a violent criminal history, where I would ask the Policed department for assistance for that particular case.

Similarly in maintaining the Sex Offender registry, the costs of a part time administrative assistant should come from the Sheriff Office budget. Given that there are only seven registered Sex Offenders in the County, the Sheriff should personally execute all duties with respect to maintenance of the Sex Offender Registry, to the extent possible.

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When you consider willingness to do the job, the character of the candidates, and the skills needed to succeed on behalf of Los Alamos, I hope you agree that I am your best choice, and I ask for your vote on Tuesday.