Loy: Why UNM-LA Advisory Board Election Is Relevant To You, And James Robinson Is Right For The Job

Los Alamos

Only two weeks ago, we finished an election in Los Alamos, and now there’s another one this Tuesday, Feb. 7. I’m sure election-fatigue has set in with some, but please let me tell you why I think the UNM-LA Advisory Board election is relevant to you, and why I support James Robinson for the position.

The election Jan. 24 had two questions, which both passed. One was to support a bond for Los Alamos Public Schools, and the other was for a mil levy for UNM-Los Alamos. For the latter, Los Alamos residents voted to support our community college and branch UNM campus with a property tax of an additional mil. This means that you, the taxpayers of Los Alamos, have a vested interest in this valuable community resource! So I encourage you to learn about the candidates and vote for the ones you think will best lead UNM-Los Alamos into a new era, one in which the campus has increased support from the community.

One of the main reasons the UNM-LA mil levy vote passed two weeks ago was because of the dedication and passion of James Robinson. Without accepting any credit for it, he steadfastly chaired the Education Drives Discovery committee to educate the public about UNM-LA, and why the mil levy was so desperately needed and would benefit Los Alamos.

I worked on the committee with James, and I found him to be very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. What really impressed me though, was how he turned that passion into action. He identified the goals and challenges, laid out a plan for our committee, and systematically worked through that plan for two months leading up to the election.

In my opinion, a good committee is one that has a diverse membership, with each member bringing his or her own skills and experiences to the committee. I think James Robinson is just what the UNM-LA Advisory Board needs to further the great work they have been doing for UNM-LA and our community.