Los Alamos Youth Activity Center Gets Remodeled

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The Youth Activity Center (YAC) in Los Alamos, operated from the south side basement of the Community Building on 20th Street, is scheduled for remodeling starting mid-January.

Improvements include leveling the uneven floor and updating the nearly 30-year-old finishes.

After completion of improvements to the Los Alamos Teen Center, staff from the Los Alamos Family Council, operator of the YAC, requested improvements to the obsolete and deteriorated interior. With project savings from the Teen Center and others, this task became possible.

Los Alamos County Project Manager Steven Huebner says, “We are fortunate that the Teen Center and other projects came in under budget.” He also mentioned, “the floors were sloped with floor drains because this part of the building was originally a truck garage in the early days.”  The sloped portion of the concrete floor will be removed and replaced with a level floor to eliminate tripping hazards.

The space will be finished with concrete polished floors for longevity and easy cleaning. Cabinets and counter tops will be replaced, walls patched and painted, a sink added to the kitchenette, and the exit door will be updated to be a code compliant fire exit.

The Los Alamos Family Council staff worked with the architect during the course of design to ensure their needs were captured along with improving the general safety and use of the building. The project also includes abatement of old asbestos mastic or glue that once held the ceiling tiles. The abatement will be performed according to the strictest of regulations that includes a negatively pressurized containment area while work is in progress. The contractor, AIC General Contractors, was selected through competitive bid. The approximate $200,000 project is scheduled for completion by the end of March.

The YAC remains open and is temporarily relocated across the street on the second floor of 1911 Central Ave., above the Endoscopy Center at the corner of 20th Street and Deacon. This location allowed for an easy transition and move into the temporary space. Once the project is complete and ready for occupancy, families will be notified of a return date for the newly remodeled space.