Los Alamos XQ Odyssey Team Update

Los Alamos XQ Superschool Team with Radical Media Team during the XQ Superschool Bus Tour. Courtesy photo
The local XQ Odyssey team would like to thank Anne Kiehl Friedman of the National XQ Team for writing about her recent experience in Los Alamos. The XQ National Team is traveling across the country from Los Angeles to New York City to explore the possibilities and listen to local voices about reimagining high schools in America.
Los Alamos was honored to be stop number four of only 15 total stops. The National team spoke to numerous youth groups, teachers, parents, community members and filmed focus groups, the local Odyssey team in action and interviewed many students. 
To update the article, the latest LAHS Graduation rates became available this week and indicate our local most current Los Alamos District graduation rate is 85.4 percent. In addition, the most current information available on suicide rates from the New Mexico Department of Health website is New Mexico has a suicide rate of 72 percent higher than the national average and Los Alamos experiences about twice the state rate of suicidal ideation visits to Emergency Departments. Studies that have followed suicide attempters identified in hospital emergency rooms have found that 7-10 percent died by suicide over the next two decades (Jenkins, et al., 2002; Carter, et al., 2007).
The Odyssey Team Application will be available next week for all to check out! Everyone is welcome to watch the weekly videos or articles and join the Coffee Klatch conversations to reimagine education held every Wednesday at Smith’s Starbucks. Contact Ken Holmes at k.holmes@laschools.net for more information. 
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