Los Alamos Woman Faces Dangerousness Hearing On Two Aggravated Battery Charges

Los Alamos Daily Post

Two charges of aggravated battery have been filed in Los Alamos Magistrate Court against Marion Loope, 35, of Los Alamos and First Judicial Assistant District Attorney Kent Wahlquist has filed a petition in District Court for her to remain incarcerated pending trial.

According to Court documents file by Los Alamos Police Cpl. Jaime Gonzales, he reported April 15 to a residence on 34th Street in response to a report that a woman had been attacked with a knife by her daughter. Gonzales and Cpl. Jay Eakins met with the victim who said her daughter had become agitated and accused her of taking some of her medications and had stated she was feeling sick and nauseous and getting hives.

The report states that the victim told Loope she needed to stop acting like she is sick. She said Loope because she was angry threw a cup of hot coffee at the victim, grabbed her head, took off her glasses and started beating the victim’s head against a door frame. Loope then allegedly tried to strangle the victim and grabbed a knife, which she allegedly held to the victim’s throat.

Gonzales’ report indicates that he noted a lump on the back of the victim’s head, a mark on her neck and a cut in the webbing between her thumb and index finger where she said she reached up and grabbed the knife to remove it from her neck.

Gonzales and Eakins then drove to the residence and called Loope by phone and asked her to step outside with nothing in her hand. Loope claimed it was the victim who attacked her and threw detergent at her to give her an allergic reaction. The report says when asked about the knife, Loope told the officers she had one in her bedroom for protection and that when asked about the injuries, she allegedly said she is able to defend herself.

In an expedited motion for pretrial detention, Wahlquist noted the two aggravated battery against a household member charges against Loope. He states that the weight of evidence is very strong, and that the victim provided a very clear account of the incident.

Wahlquist’s motion indicates that Loope lives with the victim and now has no other place to live and has a history of violence against her parents. He said the only place she can live is with them and that she has battered them before, so no conditions of release would protect them.

Wahlquist cites 15 cases since 2009 in which Loope was charged with crimes such as battery, criminal damage to property, disorderly conduct, battery and assault against police officers and medical workers.

A dangerousness hearing has been set for April 25 before First Judicial District Judge T. Glenn Ellington. Loope will remain in custody pending the District Court hearing.