Los Alamos Teen Explains ‘Fugitive’ Game

Stephanie Nielsen
Los Alamos Daily Post

A question posted on the Keep It Local – Los Alamos Facebook page Friday by Lisa Bracy concerning a game called “Fugitive” played by local teens drew dozens of answers and comments over a 24-hour period before local teen Stephanie Nielsen explained it on the site.

Nielsen said parents who are concerned because local teenagers like to play games, should look at it from their point of view and went on to explain the game as follows:

“What happens first is that someone awesome such as Eben Bold helps organize it all. We tell the police we are doing it on certain night so we don’t get in trouble. Then the night of the game, we all sign in on a sheet of paper and write down our phone numbers. Then we go from Sullivan Field to Smith’s and we try to make it there without being seen by our ‘chasers’ who, yes, are in cars while the rest of us are on foot.

“If you are seen by the chasers and called out, you have to either get into their car, or walk on a main sidewalk to Smith’s. Today and in the past, we went to the new Smith’s but from now on, we’re going to be going in front of the old Smith’s where we are out of the way and not bothering anyone. When you either make it to Smith’s or are caught and brought there, you sign in again and they check your name off. Just to make sure we aren’t missing anyone and no one got left behind.”

Nielsen added that some teens have parents who have taught them moral values and comment sense. She said the teens don’t need to be monitored while playing Fugitive.

“If we were monitored, no one would play,” she said.

She added that the whole point of playing the game Friday evening was to bond and just relax.

“It was a stressful week because it was the end of the quarter and we just wanted to have fun,” Nielsen said.

Many comments from locals on the Facebook page indicated that versions of the game have been played in Los Alamos for many years. Following Nielsen’s response, many expressed their support for the activity.