Los Alamos Students Maira Finn & Gavin Bent Write Book

LAMS authors Maira Finn and Gavin Bent sign copies of their book The Clashroom. Courtesy/LAMS

LAMS News: 

There is a rumor at Thomas’ school about the clashroom, a clashroom that sucks kids into other universes. Thomas doesn’t believe the rumor, until he and his friends are sucked into another universe!

In this strange place they not only find talking horses, vines that grow like trees, and strange animals, but an empire of monsters that wants to enslave the entire universe. Can Thomas and his friends stop them before everything everyone has ever known is in the monster’s hands?

And so begins the novel, The Clashroom, written by Los Alamos Middle School students Gavin Bent and Maira Finn. The 7th graders spent the past two years writing and editing their work, which was recently published by Amazon.

“The thought of publishing our book was super-inspiring,” Bent said.

Finn added, “It’s exciting that our book is out in the world.”

Both students enjoy writing and decided to put their heads together to develop the story line while attending school online during the COVID-19 shutdown of in-person learning. They would take turns writing and editing, and encouraging each other to not give up.

They agree that it took perseverance to complete the project, and that they had to push through when it got hard. There were some moments when they wanted to quit, but knew that it would get better on the other side.

“I was inspired to publish this book mostly because the thought of having a book that I wrote out in public was super cool, and I thought, maybe, with enough effort, I could make this dream actually come true,” Bent said. “Honestly, I was really surprised it did.”

He described the moment they saw the book was officially out as “total euphoria”.

LAMS administrators held an assembly for all 7th grade students last month where Finn and Bent took turns reading excerpts from the book and answering questions from classmates. There also was time for a book signing. Family members and friends were in attendance.

“We are extremely proud of Gavin and Maira and their accomplishments,” LAMS Principal Suzanne Lynne said. “We are looking forward to reading their next publication.”

Bent and Finn also were recognized during the Oct. 28 School Board meeting. Board members were impressed by the young authors and congratulated them on their achievement. 

The two have sold 98 copies so far.

“We promised ourselves that if we manage to sell 500 copies, we will write a sequel,” Bent said.

Copies may be purchased on Amazon here.