Los Alamos Sheriff’s Office Issues Public Safety Alert Regarding Local Scam Underway

Public Safety Alert:

Los Alamos County Sheriff Marco Lucero just contacted the Los Alamos Daily Post to issue a public safety alert regarding a scam underway in the Los Alamos area.

Someone identifying himself as a Los Alamos County sheriff’s deputy and using an actual deputy’s name is placing telephone calls to residents listed on the sex offender registry saying they must withdraw $1,000 in cash from the bank and take the money to Smith’s parking lot where they will be met by the deputy. “They must do this to avoid being placed in jail.”

Sheriff Lucero said one of the victims of this scam is heading to the police station now to file a report. Lucero’s deputy also is going to speak with police, he said.

No one from the Sheriff’s Office will ever contact citizens demanding money, Sheriff Lucero said, adding that anyone receiving this type of telephone call should hang up and report the call immediately to the police department at 662-8222.


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