Los Alamos Retirement Community Announces New Liaison & Marketing Director Cynthia Goldblatt

Cynthia Goldblatt
LARC News:
Cynthia Goldblatt is the new Community Liaison & Marketing Director for Los Alamos Retirement Community (Aspen Ridge Lodge and Sombrillo Nursing Home).
Goldblatt holds a LPCC, MSW, and PhD. in Clinical Counseling and Social Work.
Born and raised in Los Alamos, Goldblatt has an understanding of the health needs of the community and said that she truly values helping the individuals and families she assists.
She has been a medical social worker in many capacities, including posts with Los Alamos Visiting Nurses, the Psychiatric Center at UNM University Hospital School of Medicine for both out-patient and in-patient programs, and UNM School of Medicine Office of the Medical Investigator. She also maintains a private practice.
As the Community Liaison for Sombrillo Nursing Home and Aspen Ridge Assisted Living, Goldblatt will provide exceptional care for the Los Alamos Retirement Community, organize volunteer training, and facilitate the bereavement/hospice program.

Goldblatt also serves as president of the Los Alamos Community Health Council, which organizes the local behavioral and community health agencies to strengthen their connections with each other.