Los Alamos Public Schools Honored with Network Capacity Building Award

Teachers accept the 2014 Capacity Building Award for Los Alamos Public Schools for its efforts in aiding the endeavors of  NMN-NBCT. From left, Joline Keeler, Becky Sims, Margo Batha, Laura Gallimore,Evelyn Sanchez (NM NBCT Network President), Kathy Boerigter and Carolyn Torres. Photo by Gene Schmidt

LAPS News:

Each year the NM National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) Network honors school districts that have helped build capacity for improved student achievement by supporting teachers in the National Board process.

This year’s winner of the NM NBCT Network Capacity Building Award goes to Los Alamos Public Schools and its superintendent, Dr. Gene Schmidt.

Although Los Alamos has had a few NBCTs since the late 1990s, candidates often worked without cohorts or support. That changed in 2011, when Schmidt and his district started paying for candidates’ fees.

Working with the NM NBCT Network, Los Alamos last year sponsored 15 first-time candidates and two advanced candidates. This year the district is supporting 15 more first-time candidates and six advanced candidates.

Los Alamos Public School District is paying all of the fees for each one of these teachers. This substantial financial commitment to powerful professional development offered by National Boards is already showing dividends.

This year’s Class of 2013 boasts nine new NBCTs from this relatively small district, an accomplishment that placed the district second (tied with Gadsden) for the most number of new NBCTs in New Mexico, making Los Alamos’ district total of NBCTs now at 24. There are at least 20 more NBCTs in the pipeline.