Los Alamos Police Sgt. Daniel Roberts Selected Commander Of Army National Guard 1209th ASMC

Capt. Daniel Roberts, left, of Los Alamos in front of 1209th ASMC with 1SG Bowyer. Photo by L&L productions

Capt. Daniel Roberts of Los Alamos with his wife Kim Roberts and grandfather Merle Roberts, a WWII Navy veteran. Photo by L&L productions


Daniel Roberts, a sergeant with the Los Alamos Police Department, has served 12 years with the United States Army and holds the rank of captain. At a Change of Command Ceremony Sunday, Nov. 2 in Albuquerque, Roberts became Commander of the Army National Guard 1209th ASCM (Area Support Medical Company).

The 1209thASMC is made up of 77 officers and enlisted men and women. The soldier’s specialties include doctors, dentists, physician assistants, nurses and medics. This deployable medical unit responds to natural and manmade disasters through-out New Mexico and the world.

Roberts was born and raised in Los Alamos. Enlisting in the active Army in 2003, Roberts completed two overseas tours as a helicopter crew chief in the United States Army, before returning to school in an officer training program. He commissioned in to the New Mexico National Guard in 2009.

He completed his undergraduate degree in criminology at the University of New Mexico and holds a Masters in Criminal Justice from the American Military University. He is looking forward to commanding a great group of professionals and the challenges that come with the position. He notes that the medical company mission is to deploy as a unit to any Theater of Operations, CONUS/OCONUS (contiguous United States/outside or non-contiguous states), in order to provide echelon I and II combat health support. This mobile hospital provides medical support to units located in the area of operations of the Area Support Medical Company (ASMC). As an ASMC, the 1209th conducts extensive training preparing for emergency situations such as mass casualty disasters.

The Adjutant General, Brigadier General Andrew E. Salas, Commanding General of New Mexico National Guard was in attendance. Brigadier General Salas serves as military chief of staff to the governor of New Mexico and as the governor’s principal advisor on military affairs.

Capt. Daniel Roberts, left, of Los Alamos is the new Commander of the Army National Guard 1209th ASCM. Photo by L&L productions