Los Alamos Police Remove Pajarito Acres Man From Home Owners Association Meeting Tonight


Pajarito Acres homeowner Steven C. Porter was handcuffed and removed from the annual meeting of the Pajarito Acres Home Owners Association underway this evening at the White Rock Baptist Church on N.M. 4.

PAHOA President Eldon Linnebur told the Los Alamos Daily Post at the scene that more than 100 people representing more than 50 lots attended the meeting in the church conference room. Porter was sitting at the back of the room and there were at least two detectives dressed in plain clothes sitting in the room. Linnebur was speaking at the podium when the rear door suddenly opened and several officers entered, surrounded Porter and escorted him from the room.

“Nothing was said and we’re not exactly sure why the police took him away,” Linnebur said.

Los Alamos Police Chief Dino Sgambellone told the Los Alamos Daily Post this evening that this is an active case so he cannot comment at this time but he expects to release an official statement detailing the situation sometime Monday.