Los Alamos Neighborhood Awakens To Bears In Tree

Three bears are spotted hanging out this morning in a tree behind a Woodland Road in Los Alamos. The two young bears climbed to the top and seemed to be content to stay there, while the agitated mother continued her quest to reach them. Four hours later the bears remain in the tree. According to the Los Alamos Police Department, New Mexico Game & Fish Department officials were notified but said to just leave the bears alone. A NMG&F spokesperson said community members should call 888.248.6866 during regular business hours or LAPD Dispatch at 505.662.8222 after hours. Photo by Maire O’Neill/ladailypost.com

A bear peers out from the branch of a tree behind a home on Woodland Road. Photo by Lindsey Reader.

A young bear watches the neighbors this morning at a Woodland Road residence. Photo by Lindsey Reader

One of the young bears moves out to the end of a branch high above the ground. Photo by Lindsey Reader.

This bear climbs higher into the tree with surprising agility. Photo by Lindsey Reader

The mother bear doesn’t seem too happy as she makes her way up the tree. Photo by Lindsey Reader

Two of three bears spotted in a tree between the golf course and Woodland Road. Photo by Lindsey Reader