Los Alamos National Bank Helps Hundreds Of Students Tour Bradbury Science Museum

LANB Market President Liddie Martinez engages with Pojoaque Valley students as they participate in a scavenger hunt around the museum. Photo by KayLinda Crawford

Pojoaque Valley students explore the many exhibits at the Bradbury Science Museum. Photo by KayLinda Crawford

Two Pojoaque Valley students look closely at the Energy-Saving Projects exhibit during their field trip to the museum. Photo by KayLinda Crawford

BSMA News:

In a combined effort, Los Alamos National Bank (LANB) and the Bradbury Science Museum Association (BSMA) provided bus transportation for some 1,200 students to have a fun-filled day in Los Alamos visiting the Bradbury Science Museum and rolling in the grass at Ashley Pond Park.

Recently, 130 Pojoaque Valley sixth graders participated in the feild trip to the museum thanks to LANB.

“The Bradbury Museum experience has been fantastic!” said teacher Laura Haynes of Pojoque Valley Intermediate School. “They loved the movie and I love how interactive this museum is.”

LANB Market President Liddie Martinez, a 1983 Pojoaque Valley graduate, said she was thrilled to see the students enjoying the museum. “It’s amazing to see the growth of the school!, Martinez said. “Back in the 80’s the classes were much smaller, the growth has been amazing and I’m thrilled we were able to bring these students to the museum. I’m also grateful to the Bradbury for being such a wonderful host to all these field trip students this spring.”

Earlier this year, LANB partnered with the BSMA by giving a $5,000 bus transportation grant specified for underserved school districts in Northern New Mexico.

“With so much uncertainty surrounding budgets, the LANB transportation grant was greatly appreciated,” Haynes said.

During the field trips, the museum staff organizes presentations and scavenger hunts to help the students experience the whole museum and see many types of STEM subjects and applications.

“If our efforts inspire even a few students to study a STEM subject, then we are meeting our education outreach mission,” BSMA President Andy Trottier said. “We’ve had a great year in partnership with LANB, and through our combined efforts, we were able to bring around 1,200 students to the museum since February!”

The BSMA is the nonprofit partner to the museum with the mission of providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education opportunities to the communities of Northern New Mexico. The BSMA is not part of the museum or the Lab and does not receive funding from the museum or the Lab. The BSMA relies on grants, memberships, donations and proceeds from merchandise sales through the Gadgets Gift Shop located inside the museum. The gift shop is a 100 percent volunteer operation, so store hours vary depending on the availability of volunteers

Visit www.BradburyAssociation.org for store hours, to become a member, make a donation and find information about volunteering in the Gadgets Gift Shop.


From left, BSMA President Andy Trottier, LANB Market President Liddie Martinez and Pojoaque Valley teacher Laura Haynes. Photo by KayLinda Crawford

A Pojoaque Valley student examines the Marchant calculator during her field trip to the museum. Photo by KayLinda Crawford

Pojoaque Valley students find information on The Atomic Age Begins timeline during their scavenger hunt at the musuem. Photo by KayLinda Crawford

LANB Market President Liddie Martinez chats with Pojoaque Valley students during their field trip to the mueum. Photo by KayLinda Crawford