Los Alamos Mountaineers Talk: Explore Unusual Discovery Of Edgewood Cavern Tuesday Evening

John T.M. Lyles discusses the unusual discovery of Edgewood Cavern Tuesday at Nature Center. Photo by John Lyles


The Los Alamos Mountaineers will host John T.M. Lyles discussing the unusual discovery of Edgewood Cavern, Tuesday at the Los Alamos Nature Center.

Lyles’ presentation follows the regular Mountaineer’s meeting at 7 p.m., which takes about 15 minutes and will cover information about upcoming outings.

In 1970, a new geologic discovery was made in Edgewood when a water-well driller hit a void and dropped his drill bit. The air pressure from the hole indicated that the void was extensive, likely a large cave.

Further exploration proved that this was indeed the case and Edgewood Cavern became a local curiosity. Over the years, local cavers explored and mapped miles of passages in the cave and it became known for its extensive jointing and ease of getting lost in. In one region of the cave, 260 million-year-old fossils were exposed.

In 2002, local caver John Lyles became interested in Edgewood Cavern and worked with the landlord to access it for science and exploration. A complete remapping of the cave began and documented more passages in the cave. In 2017, Lyles purchased the property from the owner and in recent months significant work has been done to clean up the property and build a permanent structure to protect the entrance to the cave.

Join Lyles to see highlights of earlier trips into the cave, learn about its unique discovery and hear about the 2018 clean up and refurbishment at the entrance.

The Los Alamos Mountaineers meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Los Alamos Nature Center.

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