Los Alamos Mountaineers Recall East Fork

Los Alamos Mountaineer Kei Davis jumps into the Jemez River during a 2011 outing before the Las Conchas Fire left it filled with silt. Photo by Momo Vuyisich
Los Alamos Mountaineers
A popular local hike is to start at the Las Conchas trailhead and proceed to where the trail turns away from the river (about two miles), then wade/splash down the river rather than follow the trail.  
At three points along the river there are opportunities to jump from the tops of waterfalls into pools below, and these are popular choices.
Last weekend we discovered that the first such pool is silted up following the 2011 fire and September 2013 rains and it’s barely waist deep, not the 15-plus feet deep it’s always been. We assume the second such pool is similarly silted up; the third such pool is at the cliff diving area.
To see how it used to be, click here.