Los Alamos Middle School Student Yunseo Kim Launches ‘Powerful Voices, Powerful Change’ Project

LAMS student Yunseo Kim launches school supply project after being inspired by her teacher Sherri Bublitz who challenged students to change the world. Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo
8th Grade Student
Los Alamos Middle School
My name is Yunseo Kim, and my “Powerful Voices, Powerful Change” project was collecting school supplies for refugee children in Albuquerque.
Being an 8th grader in Los Alamos Middle School, I am currently taking Speech and Debate, where my teacher Mrs. Sherri Bublitz challenged our class to change the world. Right from the start, I desired to relate my project to refugee students. My passion for helping these children starts from helping and serving children at a refugee soccer camp in Denver last summer with my church youth group, which is an experience I will treasure forever. As a result, I decided to challenge my school and my town to make a difference by donating school supplies for refugee children in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
I began my project by emailing Interfaith Los Alamos, a group that has done similar powerful fundraisers for refugees. Through the help of Mrs. Laura Crotzer [at Interfaith Los Alamos], Rachel Zepper and Aaron Dubay [staff member and director, respectively, of Lutheran Family Services in Albuquerque], and Mrs. Pam Prichard [leader of Eternal Encouragement Club at LAMS], I began learning the process for how the school supplies will be delivered throughout Albuquerque’s Public Schools. Next, I created several posters to hang up around my town and school, with boxes set underneath for supplies to be dropped off.
I also created announcements to advertise, with the hope of reaching as many people as possible. Although I was excited and hopeful throughout this project, I was also faced with many setbacks. From boxes being thrown out to a lack of donations from the short time stamp I was given, I was forced to adapt and challenge myself to overcome these obstacles.
In the end, I was able to collect three full boxes of donations! My project was a success, not only because I managed to collect an assortment of school supplies, but also because these supplies created a difference. I am so thankful to those who helped organize my project, to those who donated supplies, and to everyone in between for helping me reach this goal. This experience has inspired me to do similar events in my community and help refugee students in future years. For at the end of the day, making a change is difficult. But nonetheless, it is definitely worthwhile!
Courtesy photo